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WestPetro Decanter Centrifuge Maintenance Manual Guide - Initial Checkups

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There are couples of partners asked us to provide a maintenance manual for WestPetro decanter centrifuge (the manual also matches the needs of VFD decanter centrifuge and FHD hydraulic centrifuge). Here we must to say the necessary of maintenance manual, for the high quality of our decanter centrifuge, in most situations, our partners or customers just need to do some maintenance works or change some standard spare parts (WestPetro could provide all spare parts for our own solid control equipment, such as mud cleaner, sand pump, vacuum degaser, not only for decanter centrifuge). So here, we will share the maintenance tips for Decanter Centrifuge. 

Before you start to maintenance the decanter centrifuge, please pay more attention of the Maintenance Instructions and Work Notices. 

1. This manual is for maintenance crews’ reference.

2. The user shall appoint the well-trained personnel to be the safety in charge of centrifuge.

3. Safety instructions must be informed to the maintenance crews before the work.

4. Electric and mechanical service shall be performed by professional engineers in accordance with the documents of the manufacturer or under the guidance of the manufacturer.

5. The adjustment of parameters of electric control system shall be performed by electrical engineers with the permission of the manufacturer.

6. It is strongly recommended to do the maintenance in mechanical shop.

7. All operation, maintenance and safety personnel must read carefully this operation manual as well as the relevant operating & servicing manual.

8. Good lighting condition shall be provided during night work.

9. The centrifuge shall not be used for any other purpose. Prior to formal consultation with our company, any actual use condition shall not exceed the allowed one upon procurement. 

After keep in mind of the Maintenance Instructions and Work Notices, now we can start the first step of maintenance: Initial Checkups. There are four steps for initial checkups. The following is about how to check initial of your decanter centrifuge.

Initial Checkups for Decanter Centrifuge within four steps.

1.1. Please check transport frame, base, couple, main motor, back motor, cabinet and cable rusting condition.

1.2. Please check up on travel switch (reference the following picture).

1.3. Checkups on differential protect device

Manually turn back motor belt. If the belt pulley runs without taking drive plate, then differential protect device is damaged. In this condition, the safety pin shall be changed (Please refer to video “safety pin change”).

WestPetro decanter centrifuge maintenance guides

1.4Open the cover of vessel and check if the bowl is damaged or not. If there’s unexpected hitting sign on the bowl? Run the back drive belt manually to check on conveyor and bowl. (Figure 1-5)  If the bowl and the belt do synchronous rotation, then conveyor and bowl plugged. (Refer to video “manual checkups on conveyor and bowl”). When fixing in the factory, there is no need to do manual check on bowl and conveyor, please just disassemble the bowl and do cleaner-ups.( refer video “ disassemble / assembly on bowl”) 

The above four tips about initial checkups is the first step for the whole maintenance work, and there are other more 8 steps for the maintenance, and we will also list more videos about the details of the maintenance, just a good experience for yourself maintenance time.

The next topics about decanter centrifuge maintenance are Dis-assembly Checkup and clear-up. Please pay more attention about the topics, waiting for you here.

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