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Solid Control System Produced to Russia Oil Drilling Company

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From the following picture we can learn that WestPetro Solid Control System has been used in Turmin Oil Fields in Russia. Because of the high quality and full service provided by WestPetro, our solid control system has been get a popular praise by Russia oil service companies. Just as you say, we got a new order of solid control system by the same company for Russia oil drilling fields. 

Solid Control System in Turmin Oil Field

vacuum degasser in solid control system of Turmin Oil field

This is the solid control system Russia Customer ordered and we will arrange to product. You will find there are differences with the one used in Turmin Oil Fields. 

In this order, the whole Drilling solid control system contains one vacuum degasser, two shale shakers with shaker screen, one mud cleaner, one VFD decanter centrifuge, and 6 sand pumps in 15kw, the all solid control equipment is mounted on our mud tank, which is used for collecting the mud solids and mud water. The whole equipment is high quality guaranteed and full after sale service. 

WestPetro solid control system for Russia 2015

Just as you know that, WestPetro as an original solid control system manufacture, we have a long history over 15 years. In China marketing, we are the leading one and the cooperators are always COSL, Shell, etc. We are believing that we have the powerful and confidence to provide the best solid control system and equipment to all over the word. 

Solid control system is the main product line in WestPetro, we put more energy and human source to research, manufacture and test our solid control system, and we make it lastly. Now, we can say that our solid control system has the ability to improve your working efficiency, reducing the wasting, even protecting the drilling fields’ environment. 

Pumps of WestPetro solid control system for Russia 2015

This is the splendid Oilfield solid control system provided by Westpetro, please feel free to contact WestPetro if you are interested in our solid control system, and we are always here to support your any questions about our whole solid control equipment and drilling waste management.
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