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Solid Control System Favors Russian Markets - WestPetro

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The low price of crude oil affected the main oil-product country, Russia is the one, so that there are lots of oil companies and oil service companies stopped their Oil drilling business, or some of the companies have turned to purchase the solid control equipment in Russia local. While WestPetro do not think this is a big problem for us, for we have the high quality guarantee and full after sale service. Last Friday, we have get the PO from Russia and a solid control system will be delivery and service for Russian market. 

WestPetro Solid Control System

As our core product line, we paid much more attention on solid control system’s research and manufacturing. During this period, we should gather the different systems together, usually, there are mud tank, decanter centrifuge, vacuum degasser, mud cleaner, sand pump system, shale shaker system, or even cutting dryer, etc. there are many unexpected problems we will meet, because of different solid control equipment have different features and specification. If we want to gather them all in one, we should balance many aspects to let them work smoothly. After almost about 12 months, we finally solve the problems we have met and successfully tested our solid control system. It’s not overstated if we called our solid control system as a “milestone” success. 

Now our solid control system has win the marketing and our Russia customer has sent his order to cooperate with us. We know it is not easy to win the marketing and partners, so we will do details to provide more higher quality solid control system and all after sale service to our Russia partners, we know the importance of “word of mouth”, especially the words are from our local and loyal customers. 

Besides the solid control system, we also could provide the latest drilling waste management unit, which could do contribute on oil drilling environment protection, which means much more than you can image. 

Please feel free to contact WestPetro if you are interested to learn more about WestPetro solid control system or drilling waste management unit, we will always here to support your question.

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