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1 Set of Slurry Oil Recovery Unit Packaged for Indonesia-WestPetro

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Slurry oil recovery unit is also called SOR unit or oil recovery unit, it is a complete unit used in oil and gas drilling fields (PS. WestPetro could provide you solid control system and drilling waste management unit also). It is a great chance for WestPetro to win the bid of slurry oil recovery unit in Indonesia marketing. Now with the closing steps of testing the slurry oil recovery unit, we will share some pictures of this unit for you, before we take the testing video of the oil recovery unit. 

Here I will share top three equipment of our oil recovery unit; they are DISC separator, heating mixing tank and camping house. 

The first one we will come to DISC separator, about its function details, I will share another post to analytic the whole equipment’s (most of them are also solid control equipment, they are always used to combination a solid control system)  features and advantages, as well as their functions. So here I will share the picture for you.

WestPetro DISC separator 

The second one I will share with you the Heating Mixing Tank. From the picture maybe you will find it is so common in our daily life, even you can find the similar one in some construction site for Mixing Concrete. If you do not believe, just have a look of our special Heating Mixing Tank, do not worry, our Heating Mixing Tank is not used for mixing concrete. While, please be attention that Heating Mixing Tank is not drilling mud tank, even through they are both used in oil drilling fields.

WestPetro Heating Mixing Tank

The last one we will share this day is about camping house, maybe you could also call it as portable house. This equipment is used to be a temporarily living and working place in field working. For the oil or gas drilling work always needs field working, and camping house is a necessary and must equipment, of course, it is not involved in solid control system or drilling waste management, it is a equipment for field working. 

WestPetro Camping House

Today WestPetro shared our latest SOR Unit (Slurry Oil Recovery Unit) in Indonesia, and we will share more information about this project with different Medias later. Besides the oil recovery unit, do not forget that WestPetro could also provide you high quality guaranteed solid control system and drilling waste management unit, please feel free to contact Westpetro, if you are interested in our any mud system, drilling waste unit or even just solid control equipment (such as mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, vacuum degasser), we are always here to support your demands.

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