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How to Maintenance Decanter Centrifuge

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In the last post about how to maintenance decanter centrifuge, we talked the first part about maintenance centrifuge guides, and now we will keep the topic to discuss more information about how to maintenance decanter centrifuge, of course, the methods could also match with VFD decanter centrifuge and LWY FHD hydraulic centrifuge. 

After the work of checking we talked in the last post, now we will start to dis assembly checkup. Just as the first step, you should pay more attention about the Notes before you start the steps to checkup. 

Warning: please do record all the parts’ right location and the key assembly logos emphasize the wear markbefore your disassemble to avoid miss-assembly. 

Now you will start to the checkups within 3 steps. 

1Remove the bolts of bear base, place the rotating assembly on the flat ground.

2Rotation assembly take apart please refer to video “disassemble and assembly of bowl”. Make sure well stored all the parts.

3Please classify all the parts after the disassemble checkup. 

After finished this part, you could choose to begin cleaner-ups steps, there are 4 steps you need to finish. 

1Remove sediment on the conveyor, bowl, distribution box, transport frame, base support with fresh water.

2Wash the key parts with gasoline and oiled the parts before store.

3Drain differential and coupling oil and wash the two parts with gasoline.

4Dry the parts with compressed air. 

Just as you know, the above 2 parts for decanter centrifuge maintenance is very basic and important, they are involved with inner parts maintenance of a decanter centrifuge, even through it’s just a checkup and cleaner-up. If you could finish them perfectly, we could tell you confidently that your decanter centrifuge will work smoothly and bring you high working efficiency, which is also the target you want to reach after you finished the maintenance of decanter centrifuge. This is why you should do a good job with decanter centrifuge maintenance, and it is the same important with solid control system and drilling waste management unit. To be frank, there are some other solid control equipment, such as mud cleaner, vacuum degasser, sand pump, cutting dryer, shake shaker, etc., they all need a good maintenance after a fixed working time.

With the necessary video, picture and words we posted above, we are sure you could do a good job in maintenance your different kind of decanter centrifuge. Next post we will share more steps about how to maintenance decanter centrifuge and more videos of actdual operation. If you are interested in WestPetro LW series VFD decanter centrifuge and LWY FHD hydraulic decanter centrifuge, please feel free to contact WestPetro for more details information.

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