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API, WestPetro Is Coming

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API, American Petroleum Institute, is an important certification for most of oil drilling equipment manufacturers (especially for the one who focusing on solid control system and drilling waste management unit). It is an identification of acceptation about the products and services the manufactures provide, and it is also identification for purchasers to adjust who will be the right one to cooperate in the international trading. As a common result, API is very important for oil drilling equipment manufacture, especially for those who is planning to start international trading business. 

API, WestPetro is coming

To be frank, WestPetro did not get the API certification until November last year; we started the work to apply the API certification. It’s really an hard work to prepare the materials, and the most hardest thing is that there are some materials has been lost because of no use for a long time, for there are no one knew or expected that our company will have some relationship with API, no one knew that we will start the international trading business. 

There are things we are proud of; WestPetro has developed from one product line to mutual products series. Now there are core three products series, they are solid control system, drilling waste management unit and coiled tubing and downhole tools. The products of these three products series are growing richer and richer. There are different models sand pumps, shale shakers, shaker screen; there are mud cleaner, vacuum degasser, shear pump; there are FHD hydraulic centrifuge, VFD decanter centrifuge, mud tank and cutting dryers; there are also blending skid unit, packers, etc. with the growing products series, and with the development of international trading business, we need the API certificates, we need more and more partners accept our high quality solid control equipment and full after sale service. 

WestPetro FHD Hydrualic Centrifuge

We are walking towards to the world, we hope the world accept us. WestPetro is always here to provide high quality solid control equipment for oil drilling fields. Of course, with the API, we could service more and more partners all over the world. 

API, we are coming.

If you are interested in our solid control system, drilling waste management unit or other related equipment for oil drilling fields, please feel free to contact WestPetro for more details information.

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