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Drilling mud gun

Product Details

NJQ2 mud gun

It is a specialized tool for preventing mud deposition which is conducive for ZJ driller-mud fixed control system. It is widely used in the cycling system of drilling mud. Power of source of the mentioned device derives from reflux system or low-pressure sand pump of drilling mud pump. It features in simple structure, flexible operation, convenient application, making itself an ideal anti-deposition device of mud fixed control system.

2. Procedure for safe use
Turn over the shaft before use, it should be flexible and has no obstruction. The round area in bottom, which diameter is no less than 2m , shouldn’t have deposit while in normal operation. It can mix drilling liquid in required condition, and the seals and joints has no leak.

3. Lubrication
Use No.2 common lithium grease lubrication. The lubricating grease should be changed in time if going bad.

Specification for the Model

Model Working pressure(MPa) Dia. of nozzle(mm) Number of nozzle(piese) Pipe dia.(mm)
NJQ2/6.4 ≤6.4 10.5 2 50
NJQ3/1.6 ≤1.6 22.5 1 80

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