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ZHP150-YD mobile hopper

Product Details

ZHP150-YD mobile hopper

It has advanced spray and collecting structure, through testing, when mixing the same materials, it consumes the lowest. It can not only mix dry powder materials but also absorb chemical additives.

The detailed datasInlet output: 240 m3/h
Inlet pressure head:  0.032-0.042
MpaHopper diameter: 620 mm
Diameter of inlet: 150mm
Diameter of outlet: 150 mm
Jet speed: 45 m/s
Motor power: 55 KW
Soild-phase mixing speed: Barite 14000kg/h Bentonite 14968kg/h Calcium chloride 10080kg/h Calcium carbonate 11422kg/h
Dimensions: 1250 x 752 x 1000 mm

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